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Celebrating 20 Years

Third Party Filing Services

We are not just any Third Party Filing Service. Our State Filing Team is supported by our credentialed Actuarial staff and by our FilingsDirect staff for obtaining in-house competitive information to support state objections. We also have Corporate Counsel on staff to assist with any regulatory issues that may arise as part of the state filing process.

State Filing Services Include:

  • Preparation of filing letters, state transmittal documents, and filing forms
  • Review of filings to ensure compliance, completeness and accuracy
  • Submission of complete filing(s)
  • Communication with State Departments of Insurance (DOI) on your behalf
  • Client access to Status Report ADVISOR, our proprietary web-based tool, allowing you to quickly and easily           view the status of your filings and a complete PDF of each filing
  • EFT allowing us to pay state filing fees upfront on behalf of our clients