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Celebrating 20 Years


State Filing Services

M&C's State Filings Team has over 150 years of combined industry experience.

As an authorized SERFF Third Party Filer, Martin & Company provides assistance with countrywide filing projects, state specific filings and have experience in a number of markets. M&C can handle any project and has the capacity to produce a quick turnaround for any request.

To complement our state filing service, M&C can assist with the development of rate and rule exception pages, proprietary rates and rules, as well as all related policy forms and endorsements.

A complimentary cursory compliance review is provided for each state filing project and those findings, if any, are presented to clients before the filing process begins. This will help to ensure a compliant filing package is being filed and to maintain a high approval rate.





"The M&C State Filing team is the best we've worked with." - New York, NY

"Our group was extremely pleased with the service and thoroughness of this project.  Great Job." - Chicago, IL 

"This has been the smoothest State Filing project I've been involved with." - New York, NY