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Filing Blocks

We offer clients the option to Purchase a “Block” of filings upfront for a discounted price and apply the Block as desired to filings from Rate Announcements and/or our Online Databases.


Blocks are available for 10, 20, or 50 filings.
Unlimited Blocks are also available


For Block Pricing Information contact us:
(610) 325-4455 / Info@martincompanyus.com



FilingsDirect.com (FD) is Martin & Company’s comprehensive online rate, rule and form filing database, dating back to 1993. Along with basic filing information including Company, State and Effective Date, each entry also features a summary of the filing highlighting key coverages and rating elements.

Descriptive filing summaries provide our clients the ability to search our database on a deeper capacity to locate filings that are difficult to obtain. If subscribers are unable to find what they need on FD, Martin & Company’s experienced Research Team is in place to assist in locating the necessary filing(s).

FilingsDirect users can now choose from two levels of access: FD Basic and FD Plus.

     FD Basic subscription includes:

  • New User Interface & Expanded Search Options
  • Unlimited Access to Search the Countrywide Database
  • M&C Guarantee - To guarantee you will receive the information you are looking for, a member of our service team will evaluate and confirm each request.

     FD Plus additional benefits included:

  • Discounted Filing Price
  • Large Filing Price Cap of $495
  • Eligible for M&C’s One-for-One Program, which entitles subscribers to one additional filing at no charge for each filing requested.


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