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Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Martin & Company allows insurance companies who are tracking Bureau Circular/Bulletin activity to unleash a considerable amount of time, labor and money.


Bureau Monitoring ADVISOR

Bureau Monitoring ADVISOR (BMA) is Martin & Company’s proprietary web-based solution for companies that subscribe to Rating Bureaus & Organizations. BMA is customized for each company to track the daily changes promulgated by Rating Bureaus and/or Organizations and recommend the appropriate action.

As a subscriber of Martin & Company's Bureau Monitoring ADVISOR, you will receive an interactive web-based package that includes:

  • Daily Bureau Monitoring: Bureau Circulars/Bulletins are reviewed on a daily basis
  • Data Collection: Relevant data is captured pertaining to State, Line of Business, Circular Number, Status of      Circular, Effective Date, etc.
  • Circular/Bulletin Access: Secure hyperlinks to relevant Circulars/Bulletins are posted on BMA
  • Filing Action: Martin & Company can perform the appropriate state filing action on your behalf
  • Filing Submission: If requested, M&C can submit filings on your behalf and monitor through state approval


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