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Celebrating 20 Years


Martin & Company’s proprietary RateTracker service is a cost-effective and efficient method for our clients to monitor competitors in the Medical Malpractice, Private Passenger Auto and Mortgage Guaranty Markets. Our RateTrackers feature brief descriptions of countrywide rate filings as they become available.

Features of RateTrackers:

  • Cumulative spreadsheet
  • Sent bi-weekly via email
  • Able to sort by company, program, state or effective date
  • All filings featured available for immediate purchase


Medical Malpractice RateTracker (MMRT) monitors rate filings for Medical Malpractice Programs including Physicians & Surgeons, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Dentists, Allied Health, Long Term Care, Optometrists, and more.

Auto RateTracker (ART) was launched in 2005 to benefit Private Passenger Auto writers and has been the industry’s premier choice for bringing the latest information to the industry quicker.

Mortgage Guaranty RateTracker (MGRT) offers an easy solution for Mortgage Guaranty companies to track their competitors in the MG Market.